Apodyopsis ZA

Tie Dye Kit

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Our opportunity to join you in the creative process of making your Apodyopsis pieces only yours. Creating your own cool dye patterns under the umbrella.

Apodyopsis Classic fit box T – Shirts

Create a video of you doing your dye experience and post it to Instagram along with your photos of you in your ‘Made by me” Apodyopsis T’s and tote bag combo – tag us and stand the chance of creating your own range of Apodyopsis Exclusive T – Shirts. It gets a lil cooler as you will earn 50% of the profits from the sale of the T-shirt.


2 x Apodyopsis T-shirts

1 x Tote bag

4 x Dye powder

1 x Fabric fixer

4 x Pipettes

Rubber bands

Vinyl gloves